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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We respectfully request that Slate correct a misleading and unfortunate impression created by William Saletan's February 27, 2014 article, The Muslim Taxi Driver.  That piece selectively cited just one example out of many that the Anti-Defamation League offered in explaining why Arizona’s SB 1062 would have opened the door to discrimination.  By referring only to an example we included involving a Muslim, the piece left readers believing that ADL was appealing to anti-Muslim prejudice, which was the furthest thing from our mind and contrary to our longstanding record of opposing all forms of bigotry.

In our advocacy against SB 1062, ADL offered multiple examples to demonstrate how the legislation could impact Christians, Jews, Muslims, those of other faith traditions, and those who are not religious.  Our consistent goal, in all of the advocacy we did against this bill, was to point out that no one, of any religion, who chooses to engage in secular business activities should be able to use religion as a justification for discrimination.   

Whether deliberate or inadvertent, Mr. Saletan’s profound misunderstanding of the point we were making requires a prompt correction.


Anti-Defamation League

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