ADL Alarmed At Turkey’s Reported Investigation Of Individuals With Dual Israeli And Turkish Citizenship

New York, NY, December 18, 2012 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed alarm at news reports that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization is investigating individuals who may be dual citizens of Israel and Turkey in connection to the Mavi Marmara “Flotilla Incident” of 2010.

Various reports suggest that targets of the investigation are Jewish without a thorough identification process and go on to mention that the identities of those being investigated will be disclosed at a later time.

In a letter to H. E. Namık Tan, the Ambassador of Turkey to the United States, ADL stressed that the vague allegations being reported may be intimidating to the Turkish-Jewish community and could create a sense of alarm for Turkish Jews who have felt protected by the government in Turkey for centuries.

“Throughout Jewish history, similar tactics have fomented anti-Semitism by publicly raising suspicions of Jewish dual loyalty in the minds of fellow countrymen,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

ADL also reiterated its call for an explanation on the validity of the reports.

“If your government has information about specific individuals under investigation, that should be disclosed immediately in order to relieve any sense of uncertainty about the Turkish Jewish community in general,” Mr. Foxman wrote.  “If the news reports are unfounded or misleading, an immediate and public clarification is needed.”

On December 22, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement denying media reports of an investigation of Turkish Jews in connection to the “Flotilla Incident” stating that there is “no basis” and that Turkey “cannot accept generalization and presentation of allegations regarding possible perpetrators of the incident in a way that targets the Turkish Jewish community who are a part of our society and equal citizens of Turkey.”

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