Press Release

ADL Calls on Government of Ireland to Reiterate Stand against Boycotts of Israel in Wake of Teachers’ Union of Ireland Decision

New York, NY, April 9, 2013 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called on the Government of Ireland to publicly reiterate its opposition to boycotts of Israel in response to the one-sided decision by the Teachers’ Union of Ireland to adopt an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

The union, which represents over 14,000 educators, reportedly called on its members during its annual congress on April 4 to “cease all cultural and academic collaboration with Israel, including the exchange of scientists, students and academic personalities, as well as all cooperation in research programs.”

“Academic and cultural boycotts of Israel are attempts to de-legitimize the Jewish State, as they single out one country and one party to a complex conflict for opprobrium and pariah status,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “The Teachers’ Union of Ireland is engaging in a campaign to stigmatize Israel as the aggressor while giving the Palestinians a free pass. This is fundamentally biased and beyond counterproductive.”

In a letter to Eamon Gilmore, Ireland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, ADL pointed out that in May 2012, the Irish government responded to a question regarding boycotts of Israel and stated that it stands against these types of anti-Israel measures.

“We respectfully urge you to reiterate the Government’s position in a highly visible manner to make clear that such boycotts are wrong and supporters of anti-Israel boycotts do not represent mainstream Irish society,” Mr. Foxman wrote.