ADL Praises Clifton, NJ Mayor For Abandoning Proposal To Name Park After Outspoken Polish Publisher

Florham Park, NJ, October, 12, 2012 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today commended Clifton, New Jersey Mayor James Anzaldi for his decision to abandon a proposal to name a section of Richardson Scale Park after Chester Grabowski, the longtime publisher and editor of The Post Eagle, a Polish-American newspaper that was long used as a vehicle for anti-Semitism.

In a letter to ADL, Mayor James Anzaldi said that, “a request was made at the last meeting and it was received and filed..(denied)” and confirmed that the proposal would no longer be considered. 

“We praise Mayor Anzaldi’s wisdom and sensitivity in deciding to abandon the proposal to rename a section of this park in honor of Mr. Grabowski,” said Jeffrey K. Salkin, ADL New Jersey Community Director.  “In so doing, he has upheld the good name of the City of Clifton."

In an October 11 letter to Mayor Anzaldi, ADL expressed concern about the renaming based on Grabowski’s long record of anti-Semitic statements, publishing anti-Semitic letters, and associating with extremists, including white supremacists, making him undeserving of such community recognition.

Mr. Grabowski used the newspaper as a platform to criticize the depiction of Poland and Poles in the television mini-series, “Holocaust,” claiming it was a “vicious piece of propaganda by Jewish Zionists in this country.”  He repeatedly accused the Jewish community, particularly Jewish writers and directors, of attacking Poles and defaming Poland.  Grabowski also minimized the impact of the Holocaust in Poland.

Mr. Grabowski was the longtime publisher and editor of The Post Eagle, a Polish-American newspaper that he founded in Clifton in 1963.  He retired from the newspaper in 2006, and died in April 2012.

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