ADL Praises Netanyahu For U.N. Speech Presenting In ‘Clear And Direct Terms’ The Threat Posed By Iran

New York, NY, September 27, 2012 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his impassioned speech before the United Nations General Assembly presenting in clear and very direct terms the fundamental international threat posed by Iran’s nuclear weapons program and unambiguously renewing Israel’s call for the Palestinians to return to negotiations to achieve a two-state solution.

ADL also expressed dismay that earlier in the day Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas used the platform of the U.N. General Assembly to deliver a harsh and divisive speech, which once again included false charges against Israel of racism, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution and war crimes and alleged Israeli government collusion with anti-Palestinian violence carried out by extremist Israelis. President Abbas also took the opportunity to promote the outrageous assertion that Israel “rejects” a two-state solution.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu laid out in detail and even used a very simple but quite effective graphic to demonstrate to the international community the basic reasons why it is crucial to intensify international action to stop Iran’s accelerating nuclear weapons program,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “Praising President Obama and others in the international community for the imposition of harsh sanctions, the prime minister also made clear why the international community must now stipulate a specific ‘red line’ beyond which Iran’s program will not be permitted to proceed.”

Mr. Netanyahu appealed to the Palestinian leader to avoid “libelous” speeches and unhelpful unilateral action, and called for the Israelis and Palestinians to sit together and work out an agreement. In contrast, Mr. Abbas’ speech included outrageous accusations and unfounded allegations which will do little to encourage Israelis he is serious about reconciliation and peace. Abbas willfully ignored the government of Israel’s condemnation of extremist violence and its commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice. He disregarded the Israeli government’s efforts to promote renewed negotiations and goodwill gestures to strengthen the Palestinian economy and security cooperation.

Mr. Foxman said, “There is a stark contrast between President Abbas’ rejectionist approach and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ongoing commitment to reach a negotiated resolution of the conflict. The international community must send a clear message to President Abbas that false accusations and unilateral steps are not the path to Palestinian statehood.”

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