ADL Saddened at Austin Diocese's Decision to Cancel Yom Kippur Services at Catholic Church

Austin, TX, September 17, 2010 ... The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is saddened by the Diocese of Austin's decision to cancel Temple Beth Shalom's Yom Kippur services at St. Louis Catholic Church.

"It is sad and unfortunate that the Diocese would deny the congregation of Temple Beth Shalom a place to worship just 24 hours before the holiest day of the Jewish year," said ADL Austin Community Director Karen Gross, "especially when the congregants of Temple Beth Shalom do not have a building of their own, were allowed to hold Yom Kippur services at the church last year and held Rosh Hashanah services there just two weeks ago."

"We are deeply concerned that the Diocese, in its public statement, raised questions about the suitability of the use of a Catholic sanctuary by non-Christians," Gross added. "Certainly there is precedence for sharing space between Temple Beth Shalom and St. Louis Catholic Church, as well as examples of different faiths sharing space all over the country. When the holidays are over we look forward to meeting with the Church hierarchy to address these issues."

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