ADL Shocked at Stabbing at Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, July 30, 2015 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) expressed shock and horror at the stabbing of six people at today’s gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Israel’s political leadership from across the spectrum, including the prime minister, has widely condemned the attack. 

Israeli media is reporting that the ultra-Orthodox man from Bnei Brak who was arrested at the scene is Yishai Shlissel, who stabbed participants at the same event in 2005 and had just recently been released from prison.

Carole Nuriel, Director of ADL’s Israel Office, issued the following statement:

We are shocked and horrified by this heinous attack on a parade that is widely attended and includes government representatives and political leaders. Jerusalem’s pride parade celebrates the city’s diverse and vibrant LGBT community. That celebration has once again been violated with violence and hatred. 

While the investigation has just begun, the arrest of Yishai Shlissel, who attacked the same event 10 years ago, indicates that this most likely was a hate crime.   The perpetrator must be brought to justice, and law enforcement must ensure that this never happen again.

We extend our solidarity with the LGBT community, and hope for the full recovery of the victims. 

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