Press Release

ADL Stands With Sikh Community Following Fatal Shooting

San Francisco, CA, March 7, 2011 … The Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) Central Pacific Region, covering all of Northern California, extends its condolences and support to the Sikh community following the tragic shooting of two elderly Sikh men in the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove on Friday, March 4. One of the shooting victims died at the scene, while another remains in critical condition. The victims, both with beards and wearing the traditional Sikh turban --called a dastaar-- were taking a walk in their neighborhood when the attack occurred. A late model pickup was reportedly seen fleeing from the scene after shots rang out.  

"We are confident that law enforcement is using all available means to track down the perpetrators of this horrific crime," stated Daniel S. Sandman, Regional Director for ADL. "If, in fact, the investigation reveals that this was a hate-motivated crime, then we urge law enforcement to file hate-crime charges against the perpetrators. Civil society is threatened when innocent people are targeted based on their religion, ethnicity, or other identifiable characteristic.  This attack on the Sikh community is an attack on us all."

Friday's attack is the second assault on members of the Sikh community since November, 2010, when a Sikh cab driver in West Sacramento was assaulted by passengers who hurled anti-Muslim epithets at him. The perpetrators were apprehended and currently face hate crime charges.