ADL Statement on the Film "An Education"

January 5, 2010, New York, NY ... The critically acclaimed film "An Education," about an Englishman who happens to be Jewish taking advantage of a young high school girl, is based on a true story. There are scenes where comments by individuals are made about Jews, thereby exposing the existence of anti-Semitism in England in the 1960s. In one crucial scene, the wife of the Jewish fellow (whom one can assume is Jewish as well) lashes out about him, referring to him as a serial abuser of young women and a fraud.

There is nothing in the film to suggest that the main character represents Jews as a whole or even some Jews. To call it anti-Semitic would suggest that any depiction of bad behavior by a Jew is beyond the pale. That is not the view of ADL, and ADL does not find the film offensive.

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