ADL to Ban Ki-moon: Maintain Consistent Message When Calling for Action in Israel-Hamas Conflict

New York, NY, July 22, 2014 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s clear condemnation of Hamas attacks on Israel in his comments in Jerusalem, and called on him to maintain a “consistent message” to ensure that any cessation of hostilities lead to the complete disarming of Hamas and prevention from replenishing their arsenal.

The Secretary General called for the immediate cessation of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, and condemned the terror group’s use of civilian facilities such as private homes, hospitals, mosques and other institutions, for developing, storing, and firing rockets and missiles.  On July 20 in Doha, the Secretary General referred to Israel’s ground operation in the Shejaiyah neighborhood in Gaza as an “atrocious action.”   In a letter, ADL called his statement “uncharacteristically harsh and one-sided.”

“We welcome the Secretary General’s clear condemnation of Hamas attacks on Israel, and for his ongoing efforts to work for a cessation of hostilities,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “As he continues to meet with leaders across the region, we urge him to maintain a consistent message:  that Hamas must stop rocket attacks, that Israel has a right to defend itself against this threat, and that any agreement leads to Hamas giving up its rockets, missiles and strategy of terrorist violence.”

Mr. Foxman added, “We hope that the Secretary General will use his good office to help find a meaningful path to the permanent end of Hamas’ murderous violence.”

In a letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon following his statement in Doha on July 20, the League wrote that “simply calling for a halt to the fighting will not bring about an end to the destructive behavior of Hamas,” and focused on the international community’s responsibility to “ensure Hamas will not use a lull in hostilities to replenish its stockpile of missiles and rockets and restore its terror tunnels.”

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