ADL Troubled by Idaho State Senator’s Remarks Comparing President Obama’s Health Care Plan to the Holocaust

Seattle, WA, January 31, 2013 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed concern about the comments made by Idaho State Senator Sheryl Nuxoll who used a Holocaust analogy in describing President Obama’s health care plan.

Hilary Bernstein, ADL Pacific Northwest Regional Director, issued the following statement:

There is simply no place in politics for Holocaust analogies, including State Senator Sheryl Nuxoll’s inappropriate statement comparing the state of insurance companies to “the Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps.”

In a time when offensive Holocaust analogies are increasingly being used in the gun control debate, Senator Nuxoll’s comparison appears to be especially insensitive.

Each of us is, of course, free to agree or disagree with the president’s health care plan, but comparing the implementation of a national health care policy to horrific images of the Holocaust not only trivializes those atrocities, but also obfuscates important conversations about health care in this country.

While political discussions on such issues can become heated, we urge politicians on both sides of the issue to refrain from using Holocaust or Nazi imagery in such a manner in the future.

ADL previously expressed concern over the proliferation of remarks comparing gun control legislation to policies upheld by Nazi Germany and called on critics of gun control to stop using these references.

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