ADL Welcomes Defeat of Ill-Conceived One-Sided Resolution Foisted on U.N. Security Council by the Palestinians

New York, NY, December 30, 2014 …The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today harshly criticized the vote in the United Nations Security Council on a Palestinian-backed resolution aimed at bypassing direct Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations by imposing on Israel a one-sided solution to the conflict. ADL denounced Palestinian Authority President Abbas for “playing a dangerously negative political game with the future of the Palestinian people” by using the U.N. in order to circumvent direct negotiations with Israel.

The resolution, introduced by Jordan on behalf of the Palestinians, called for the Israel-Palestinian conflict to be resolved within a period of one year, and for full Israeli withdrawal from the areas captured in 1967 by the end of 2017, failed to garner sufficient votes in favor to be adopted.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

President Abbas continues to play a dangerously negative political game with the future of the Palestinian people. By attempting to impose an international solution in order to circumvent direct talks with Israel, Abbas continues to demonstrate his unwillingness to engage in direct and sincere negotiations with Israel over a two-state solution.

With the introduction of this resolution, the U.N. Security Council has reached a new low. 

We welcome the strong leadership of the United States joined by Australia in voting ‘no.’ Their ‘no’ votes combined with the five abstentions averted an outcome which would have been shameful.  U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power clearly identified the serious defects in the one-sided substance of the resolution and what she called the ‘staged’ process for considering the resolution which was foisted on the Security Council by President Abbas.

The vote by France in favor of the resolution raises questions about France’s ability to play a constructive role in helping to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

One-sided measures such as this resolution will not bring about the reconciliation of Israel and the Palestinians. They reward Palestinian intransigence and delay the arrival of an independent state for the Palestinians. It is time to let President Abbas know that he will not achieve a Palestinian state by evading negotiations with Israel.


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