Announcements by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay on Palestinian Statehood Premature and "Cynical"

New York, NY, December 7, 2010 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed deep concern over the announcements by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay that they had recognized an "independent" Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, saying the countries are "aiding and abetting a cynical manipulation by the Palestinian Authority."

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

The actions taken by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to recognize an independent Palestinian state at this time undermine bridge-building and the possibility of future bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

These countries are aiding and abetting a cynical manipulation by the Palestinian Authority as it willfully pursues a policy designed to bypass a negotiated resolution of the conflict with Israel. Instead of persuading the Palestinians to re-engage with Israel, this can only result in prolonging the decades-long absence of peace.

A Palestinian state with defined borders will come only as a result of bilateral negotiations with Israel, when both parties will commit to end the conflict and be ready to make sacrifices and compromises for peace.

We urge the United States and others to speak out against the irresponsible attempts by the Palestinian Authority to evade negotiations withIsraeland those who are enabling them.

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