Inappropriate Palestinian Political Theater “Rightly and Effectively” Shut Down By FIFA, ADL Says

New York, NY, May 29, 2015 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed a compromise reached at the FIFA Congress whereby the Palestinian Football Association dropped its demand for Israel’s suspension.

The world soccer body overwhelmingly passed a resolution – supported by the Israeli delegation – to create a joint Israeli-Palestinian-FIFA committee to handle issues as they arise.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

The Palestinian campaign to suspend Israel’s membership in FIFA was rightly and effectively shut down by the association’s leadership. The Palestinian campaign was recognized as inappropriate political theater and FIFA’s leadership clearly understood it would set a dangerous precedent for politicizing membership going forward.

We extend our appreciation to FIFA’s leadership and responsible member national associations for working to de-politicize this process and for remaining firm that issues such as territory and other elements of the conflict are outside the purview of the sports association.

We also commend Ofer Eini, President of the Israel Football Association for his passionate and effective declaration that soccer should be a “bridge for peace” and a “uniting element” and to promote play and sportsmanship by both Israeli and Palestinian youth.

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