Overcoming Extremism


In August 2017, the events in Charlottesville shook the nation. Over a year later, we are still examining what happened and why, and — most importantly — how to prevent it from happening again.

In the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville, ADL and the U.S. Conference of Mayors launched The Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry in order to promote the fundamental principles of justice and equality that define America.

Today, ADL and partners are expanding on the commitment of The Mayors’ Compact by bringing together community leaders and organizations to overcome extremism by advancing community respect and healing.

Communities Overcoming Extremism

Nationally, there has been a dramatic rise in extremism, intolerance and political violence.

Communities Overcoming Extremism

Community-based problem solving is a key mechanism for fighting hate across the country.

Communitites Overcoming Extremism

Bringing together mayors, prosecutors, law enforcement, faith leaders, school officials, legislators, nonprofit leaders and the business sector.

Communities Overcoming Extremism

Increasing our national resilience against challenges like those presented in Charlottesville.




Winter 2018, Launch

Podcast channel
Public and private sector leaders discuss tactics and ideas on advancing tolerance and reconciliation while fighting against extremism.

Fall 2018

Summit: The Public Sector’s Role
Public sector leaders will gather at Washington University in St. Louis to share ideas on reconciling the First and Second Amendments and public safety; on the role of public schools and policing against extremism; on building alliances and using the bully pulpit, on “otherization” of immigrant communities; and on extremism in the context of American democracy and history.

Spring 2019

Summit: The Private Sector’s Role

Private sector leaders will gather in the Bay Area of California to learn about de-platforming hate organizations by social media and payment companies; anti-hate campaigns initiated at the board room level; and how the private and public sectors can collaborate on initiatives to combat extremism and promote reconciliation.

Summer 2019

Policy Report

A report outlining lessons learned about how the nation can best address extremism, intolerance and political violence.