Overcoming Extremism


In August 2017, the events in Charlottesville shook the nation. Over a year later, we are still examining what happened and why, and — most importantly — how to prevent it from happening again.

In the immediate aftermath of the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville in 2017, ADL and the U.S. Conference of Mayors launched The Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry in order to promote the fundamental principles of justice and equality that define America.

Today, ADL and its diverse set of partners are expanding on the commitment of The Mayors’ Compact by bringing together community leaders and organizations to overcome extremism by advancing community respect and healing.

Learn about key highlights from 2018’s Fall Public Sector Leadership Summit

Communities Overcoming Extremism

Nationally, there has been a dramatic rise in extremism, intolerance and political violence.

Communities Overcoming Extremism

Community-based problem solving is a key mechanism for fighting hate across the country.

Communitites Overcoming Extremism

Bringing together mayors, prosecutors, law enforcement, faith leaders, school officials, legislators, nonprofit leaders and the business sector.

Communities Overcoming Extremism

Increasing our national resilience against challenges like those presented in Charlottesville.


Overcoming Extremism Logos

Communities Overcoming Extremism: The After Charlottesville Project is supported in part by financial contributions from ADL, Charles Koch Institute, Fetzer Institute, Comcast NBCUniversal, Ford Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, Lowell and Eileen Aptman, John Pritzker Family Fund, and the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation.


Fall Summit, November 28-30, 2018

Summit: The Public Sector's Role
Washington University, St. Louis
Address today's extremism, intolerance and violence through law, public policy, social services and civic engagement.

Summer Summit, July 17, 2019

Summit: The Private Sector's Role
Airbnb Headquarters, San Francisco
Engage in conversations with tech leaders from organizations like Eventbrite, Mozilla, Pinterest, Patreon, Airbnb and more for feature-oriented discussions on how to eradicate hate and extremism within the tech sector and beyond. 

August, 2019

Policy Report
Final report that shares insights, opportunities, conclusions and research questions to combat extremism and promote hope.

Podcast Channel
Leaders across the country, in government, businesses, the academy and the activist community, share how to counter extremism, intolerance, and political violence in America while promoting reconciliation.

Advisory Board

  • The Hon. Mike Signer, Founder and Chair, Mayor of Charlottesville, 2016-2018
  • Danielle Allen, James Bryant Conant Professor and Chair of the Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University
  • Sharif Azami, Fetzer Institute 
  • The Hon. Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, SC
  • The Hon. Andy Berke, Mayor, Chattanooga, TN
  • Leslie Greene Bowman, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson Foundation
  • Susan Bro, President, Heather Heyer Foundation
  • Meryl Chertoff, The Aspen Institute, Justice & Society Program
  • Joshua Dubois, President and CEO, Values Partnerships
  • The Hon. Dr. Alvin Edwards, former Mayor and Pastor, First African Zion Baptist Church, Charlottesville
  • The Hon. Jorge Elorza, Mayor, Providence, RI
  • The Hon. Greg Fischer, Mayor, Louisville, KY
  • Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director, ADL
  • Wade Henderson, former President and CEO, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  • A.E. Dick Howard, White Burkett Miller Professor, University of Virginia School of Law 
  • John Inazu, Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law & Religion and Professor of Political Science, Washington University 
  • The Hon. James Kenney, Mayor, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sarah Kenny, former Student Council President, University of Virginia
  • Khizr Khan, Esq., Gold Star Parent
  • Frederick M. Lawrence, Secretary and CEO, The Phi Beta Kappa Society, Distinguished Lecturer in Law, Georgetown Law Center
  • Mary B. McCord, Senior Litigator and Visiting Professor of Law, Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University Law Center
  • Ali Noorani, Executive Director, National Immigration Forum
  • The Hon. LF Payne, former Congressman and former Chair, McGuire Woods Consulting, LLC 
  • Sarah Ruger, Director, Free Expression, Charles Koch Institute 
  • The Hon. Libby Schaaf, Mayor, Oakland, CA
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter, President & CEO, New America
  • Peter Wehner, Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center and New York Times columnist