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Kyrie Irving apologizes after Nets suspend him for refusing to disavow antisemitism

The Washington Post

What civil rights leaders heard from Elon Musk about curbing hate and lies on Twitter


Twitter owner Elon Musk met with civil rights leaders Tuesday — here’s what happened


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H.E.A.T. Map - Hate, Extremism, Antisemitism, Terrorism

H.E.A.T. Map

This interactive map provides details on specific incidents of hate, extremism, antisemitism and terrorism, and allows users to better understand extremist tactics, compare activity by type and/or state and access and download raw data.


Hate Symbols Database

Hate Symbols Database

An extensive database of many of the symbols frequently used by white supremacists, anti-government extremists and other hate groups. Learn to recognize the signs of hate.

Trump Flag with Q on it

Glossary of Extremism

A continually updated compilation of extremism-related definitions, including hundreds of frequently cited extremist terms, ideologies and more. A key resource for anyone who wants to better understand extremism.