Programs for Colleges and University Campuses

A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE™ workshops are helping establish more welcoming, inclusive and diverse environments where young adults have true opportunities to reach for their fullest potential as global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

In order for the campus to become a cohesive community, addressing these issues must be part of a campus strategic plan. Campuses today must engage in multifaceted approaches that involve learning in and out of the classroom. This effort requires unprecedented cooperation from all members of the faculty, staff, and administration as well as careful understanding and sensitivity to the needs of all students. In short, campus community members need to work together.

Customization of Workshops

Workshops are customized to meet the specific goals and organizational needs of the college and university campus community. Applicable to all members of the college campus community, including student, faculty, staff, and administrators, workshops are delivered by a team of two training specialists representing ethnic and gender diversity.

Programs include:

  • Half-Day Workshops
  • One- or Two-Day Workshops
  • Five-Day Train-The-Trainer Workshops
  • Student Retreats, Orientation Programs and Campus-Wide Events

To date, over 56,000 faculty, staff, administrators and students on 900 college and university campuses nationwide have participated in A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE™. 

What Others are Saying about our Workshops


“I entered the workshop with a personal belief that I was not prejudiced or biased in any way, shape or form.  WOW! Now I know the true meaning of these terms and the subconscious ways in which I commit these errors in relationships.”

“I was very impressed with the trainers. The knowledge they shared was brilliant! Thank you for the knowledge you shared.”

“The material, research and knowledge base were relevant and current. I was most impressed with the PowerPoint presentation and the participant workbook. The workbook, it can be used as a resource to refer back to. Facilitators were approachable and professional.”

“I was very moved by this workshop! I learned so much useful information for life and teaching. The facilitators were amazing!  I’m so glad I had this opportunity.”

“As my first formal training in cultural diversity, I was extremely impressed by the content and presentation. I was especially moved to learn that we have all been the targets, perpetrators, bystanders and confronters when it comes to incidents of bias.”

“The ADL exercises weren't worn out activities that I've done before—they were new which was refreshing. I also liked the fact that the activities were self-reflective. The atmosphere created by the facilitators was warm and comfortable.”