Amicus Brief

Halprin v. Davis (Northern District of Texas, 2019)

This case involves an appeal for a new trial for Petitioner Randy Halprin, one of six individuals convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death for the murder of Irving, Texas police officer Aubrey Hawkins. The appeal notes that former state District Judge Vickers Cunningham was deeply prejudiced against Mr. Haplrin because he is Jewish. ADL filed an amicus brief in support of Mr. Halprin’s Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in the United States District Court Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. ADL’s amicus brief provides historical context for the blatantly anti-Semitic terms and phrases attributed to the presiding judge in Mr. Halprin’s criminal and capital trial. Judge Cunningham routinely used derogatory and offensive language about Jewish people, Catholics, African Americans and Hispanics. The brief points to the substantial harm caused by racial and religious bias to our justice system.