ADL congratulates Biden and Harris on election victory; ‘Million MAGA March’ planned for Saturday in D.C.; Man threatened to blow up people celebrating Biden victory, FBI building, prosecutors say

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November 13, 2020


U.S. Jewish groups, including ADL, and foreign leaders are congratulating President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their election win. New research from ADL’s Center on Extremism indicates that some extremists are planning to show up at this weekend’s “Million MAGA March” in D.C. A New York City man was arrested Tuesday and is facing federal charges after he allegedly made death threats against people celebrating President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

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1) ADL Congratulates Biden and Harris on Election Victory

“Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt called the 2020 election year ‘without precedent in American history, not only due to the challenges of the pandemic, but also because it took place in the shadow of record levels of antisemitism and rising hate, the mainstreaming of online conspiracy theories such as QAnon and attempts by domestic extremists to undermine the voting process.’” Haaretz: LEARN MORE

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2) ‘Million MAGA March’ Planned for Saturday in D.C.

“The groups have assigned the gathering different names: the Million MAGA March, the March for Trump, Stop the Steal DC. But they’re all set to take place Saturday in the nation’s capital, around noon, with most set to congregate near Freedom Plaza, just east of the White House, though some groups have also suggested the Supreme Court building down the National Mall.” Politico: FULL STORY

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3) Man Threatened to Blow Up People Celebrating Biden Victory, FBI Building, Prosecutors Say

“Brian Maiorana, 54, of Staten Island allegedly posted threats on social media before and after the election calling for violence, made anti-Semitic threats toward Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and threatened to ‘blow up the FBI building for real.’” USA Today: READ MORE

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