Alleged synagogue shooting plot by neo-Nazi sympathizer leads to arrest

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June 21, 2019


In a major decision involving the use of religious symbols, the Supreme Court ruled that a 40-foot-tall cross can continue to stand on public land. An apparent neo-Nazi sympathizer allegedly plotted to commit a mass shooting at a synagogue in the Bay Area before being thwarted by police. A new report from ADL reveals that domestic Islamist terrorism decreased in 2018.

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1 Supreme Court Upholds Cross on Public Land in Maryland

“The justices, ruling 7-2 in favor of the cross’ backers, said preserving a long-standing religious monument is very different from allowing the building of a new one. The court concluded that the nearly 100-year-old memorial’s presence on a grassy highway median doesn’t violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause…” Associated Press:

+ ADL Deeply Disappointed in Supreme Court Ruling Allowing Maryland Cross to Stand on Public Ground

+ Amicus brief filed by ADL and coalition partners


Bay Area Man Allegedly Threatens Mass Shooting of Jews, Police Officers

“Ross Farca, a 23-year-old resident of Concord, was arrested last week after the FBI relayed a tip to local police. Farca had been posting comments in an online chat room threatening to commit a mass shooting at a synagogue and target responding police officers.” KPIX-TV, CBS San Francisco:

+ Concord Massacre Plot Suspect Out of Jail -- KNTV, NBC Bay Area -- Nancy Appel interviewed

+ ADL San Francisco tweet


ADL: Domestic Islamist Terrorism Decreased in 2018

“According to ADL’s figures, 13 people were arrested in 2018 for domestic criminal activity connected to Islamist extremism. Four of those were arrested in connection with plotting terrorist attack.” Arutz Sheva:

+ ADL Report: Domestic Islamist Extremism – 2018-2019



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•    This administration’s blatantly cruel attacks on the immigrant community are morally reprehensible…
•    John Cusack’s retweet of anti-Semitic meme shows how easy it is for hatred to go viral in seconds…



•    Peer training program opens eyes to effects of prejudice, hate (The Berkshire Eagle, MA)
•    Georgia Jailer Latest to Lose Job Over Alleged Extremist Views (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
•    Ricky Byrdsong’s Death at Hands of White Supremacist Still Prevalent 20 Years Later (WFLD-TV, FOX Chicago -- David Goldenberg interviewed)



•    Male Supremacy: A ‘Gateway Drug’ for Extremists (The Washington Post -- Jessica Reaves and George Selim interviewed)
•    Herzog: Strong Israeli Judiciary is Best Counter to Delegitimization (The Jerusalem Post)
•    ADL CEO Calls Malaysia PM’s Anti-Semitic Remarks ‘Disturbing’ (Jewish Journal)


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