Belgian Politicians Honor a Terrorist

by: David Robbins

May 23, 2016

Belgium has suffered several devastating terror attacks in recent times, including one against the Jewish Museum of Belgium.  Despite that history and the continuing elevated threat from ISIS, six Belgian elected officials have called for a terrorist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Marwan Barghouti is in an Israeli prison, convicted of the murder of four Israeli Jews and a Greek monk in three separate terror attacks.  The Belgian politicians would like to see him instead feted on a stage in Oslo.

In the judgment of an Israeli court, he deserved five life sentences for his direct involvement in terrorism.  In the judgment of these Belgian politicians, Barghouti deserves a coveted international honor.

Israeli courts are widely esteemed for their impartial work for justice.  It will be impossible to say the same of Senators Nadia El Yousfi (Socialist Party) and Benoît Hellings (Ecologist Party) and Members of Parliament Piet De Bruyn (New Flemish Alliance), Jean-Marc Delizée (Socialist Party), Gwenaëlle Grovonius (Socialist Party), Dirk Van der Maelen (Social Democrat), and Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Flemish Liberals).