Chauvin found guilty in killing of George Floyd; ADL CEO wants advertisers to pull ads from Tucker Carlson; Asian American hate crimes bill passes Senate

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April 23, 2021


The former Minneapolis Police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes last year was found guilty Tuesday of all three charges against him, including second-degree murder. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt asked advertisers to pull their ads from Fox News and its prime-time show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in a speech to the World Federation of Advertisers. The Senate passed with overwhelming bipartisan support a hate crimes bill to address a drastic increase in violence and discrimination directed at Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on for more on these headlines, news you can use to fight hate and the latest info about ADL from around the country.

1) Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of All Three Charges for Killing George Floyd

“The second-degree murder charge said Chauvin assaulted Floyd with his knee, which unintentionally caused Floyd's death. The third-degree murder charge said Chauvin acted with a ‘depraved mind,’ and the manslaughter charge said his ‘culpable negligence’ caused Floyd's death.” CNN: FULL STORY

+ ADL Statement on Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial

+ NAACP tweet: As we cheer for the verdict in the #DerekChauvinTrail let’s remember what we are fighting for and what we want #GeorgeFloyd’s legacy to be!  #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd means #POLICEREFORMNOW!

2) ADL CEO Asks Advertisers to Consider Pulling Ads from Tucker Carlson, Fox News

“In his speech Tuesday, Greenblatt said that while Murdoch may claim Carlson does not embrace white supremacist tropes, the host's message ‘was not lost on those white supremacists and bigots who are now applauding him for embracing their talking points.’” The Hill: READ MORE

+ READ: Jonathan Greenblatt’s remarks to the World Federation of Advertisers

+ ADL Blog: White Supremacists Applaud Tucker Carlson’s Promotion of Replacement Theory

3) COVID-19 Hate Crimes Bill to Fight Asian American Discrimination Passes Senate

“The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act cleared the chamber in a 94-1 vote Thursday. It would expedite the Justice Department's review of hate crimes and would designate an official at the department to oversee the effort.” USA Today: LEARN MORE

+ ADL tweet: By including the #JabaraHeyerNOHATEAct in the hate crime bill passed today, the Senate is taking on this problem, proving its commitment to stopping hate.

+ ADL Applauds Bipartisan U.S. Senate Passage of COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act and NO HATE Act