Civil rights groups turn up public pressure on Facebook; Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to QAnon; Celebrating John Lewis

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July 24, 2020


The civil rights groups behind the month-long advertising ad pause of Facebook turned up public pressure with the release of an animated “Dear Mark” video. Almost three years after a conspiracy theory known as QAnon began spreading on dark corners of the internet, Twitter announced that it had removed thousands of accounts linked to the movement. And celebrating the life and legacy of civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis.

Read on for more on these headlines, news you can use to fight hate and the latest info about ADL from around the country.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg Gets 'Dear Mark' Video from Facebook Ad Pause Organizers

“The message for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the waning days of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign: ‘You can't wait us out. This campaign is not going away,’ ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. The video casts Zuckerberg as unwilling to take action against the spread of racial hatred and white supremacy even as Facebook gives hate groups ‘the biggest platform they have ever had.’” USA Today: READ MORE

+ WATCH: Stop Hate for Profit – “Dear Mark”

+ READ: Anti-Defamation League Blasts Zuckerberg in Video CampaignBloomberg News

+ SEE: List of advertisers pausing ad spending on Facebook

  1. Twitter Takedown Targets QAnon Accounts

“It was the first time that a social media service took sweeping action to remove content affiliated with QAnon, which has become increasingly popular on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.” The New York Times: FULL STORY

+ ADL Resource: What is QAnon?

+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: Good to see Twitter leading here, and hope Facebook will follow this example by doing the same on their platform and choosing to #StopHateForProfit…

  1. John Lewis, Front-line Civil Rights Leader and Eminence of Capitol Hill, Dies at 80

“John Lewis, a civil rights leader who preached nonviolence while enduring beatings and jailings during seminal front-line confrontations of the 1960s and later spent more than three decades in Congress defending the crucial gains he had helped achieve for people of color, has died. He was 80.” The Washington Post: FULL STORY

+ READ: John Lewis Was a Champion of Black-Jewish Ties. We Must Build on His LegacyJonathan Greenblatt Op-Ed in Newsweek

+ ADL Mourns the Loss of Civil Rights Icon and True American Hero Rep. John Lewis