Civil rights probe launched into shooting of Jacob Blake; Antisemitic sign hung on LA overpass; NAACP takes action after Philly president’s antisemitic Facebook post

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August 28, 2020


Federal investigators announced that they have launched a civil rights probe into the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A sign with the phrase “The Jews Want A Race War” was hung from the heavily trafficked Los Angeles interstate 405 highway overpass on Saturday. The NAACP will replace all leadership of its Philadelphia chapter — including its president, Minister Rodney Muhammad — after Muhammad posted an antisemitic image on his Facebook page last month, prompting widespread outcry and calls for his resignation.

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1) Federal Investigators Launch Civil Rights Probe into Police Shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin

“Authorities had previously provided little information about Sunday's shooting of Blake, which was captured on video by a witness. But after several days of protests in the state, the state's DOJ offered its initial timeline of the shooting. Wisconsin state investigators said that police used a taser to try to stop Blake, before a single officer fired his weapon seven times and injured him.” CNN: READ MORE

+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: As a nation, we cannot ignore the context in which he was shot & the ongoing legacy of slavery, police brutality, and racism in the US…

+ READ from CBS News: Teen accused of fatal shooting during Kenosha protests arrested in Illinois

+ ADL tweet: Important that charges have been brought against Kyle Rittenhouse for allegedly shooting three people, killing two, protesting the police shooting of #JacobBlake. Reports of extremist or militia activity are concerning and our Center on Extremism is investigating the situation…

2) ‘Jews Want A Race War’ Sign Hung on Busy Los Angeles Highway Overpass

“In some photos of it posted on social media, the sign is accompanied by another publicizing the website The site includes a video of supporters standing on the overpass with the signs.” JTA: FULL STORY

+ READ: ADL Los Angeles Responds to Antisemitic Banner Drops on 405 Freeway

+ ADL Resource: New White Supremacist Tactic -- Banners of Hate

3) NAACP Takes Control Over Philly Chapter After President’s Antisemitic Facebook Post

“The national organization ‘will appoint an administrator for the Philadelphia branch to assume overall responsibility for the operation of the branch, its committees and staff, as well as shepherd a transparent transition to new leadership,’ the organization said in a statement. ‘Moving forward, it is our continued priority to work with community leaders and faith leaders across Philadelphia and the country to strengthen the long-standing relationship between our communities.’” The Philadelphia Inquirer: FULL STORY

+ READ: ADL Commends National NAACP for Removing Rodney Muhammad As President of Philadelphia Chapter After Antisemitic Post

+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: We hope this will enable new opportunities for collaboration as the local Black & Jewish communities can do more to fight against hate & push for dignity of all people…




After online warnings, armed civilians bring threat of violence to protests in Kenosha and elsewhere (The Washington Post)