Extremists React to Acquittal in Kate Steinle Murder Case

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December 01, 2017

Thursday’s acquittal of undocumented immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in the 2015 murder of Kathryn (Kate) Steinle has sparked an outcry from white supremacists and other extremists.

Zarate claims he unintentionally killed Steinle when a stolen gun he was carrying went off accidentally. While a San Francisco jury agreed with this assessment, right-wing extremists are framing the acquittal as a symptom of multiculturalism, blaming Jews and non-whites for the verdict.

A tweet from the white supremacist Traditionalist Worker Party promoted the idea that a non-white jury was responsible for the acquittal of Garcia Zarate: “The criminal justice system devised by our founding fathers is fundamentally incompatible with multiculturalism and open borders.”


TWP Steinle


California-based white supremacist group Identity Evropa tweeted, “Kate Steinle’s tragic death is why we need to end immigration and begin a program of remigration.”

The Red Elephants, a California-based group that promotes white nationalism, took to Twitter to blame “boomers” and multiculturalism for Steinle’s death:

           "Kate Steinle’s murder is on you.

YOU accepted with open arms the 1965 Hart-Celler act which created the modern system of immigration admissions we have today, and DRASTICALLY changed America. YOU wanted ‘multiculturalism.'”

Wolfie James, who is part of the white supremacist alt right movement, tweeted that people should “feel the anger. Let it fuel you. Take your county back.”

Mike Enoch, who runs the racist and anti-Semitic site The Right Stuff, proclaimed that the justice system was unfair to whites. He tweeted, “The #KateSteinle verdict was a miscarriage of justice, but it’s not an isolated case. It fits into a broader pattern of anti-white judicial tyranny and an activist legal system looking out for the rights of nonwhites when they attack and kill whites.”

Marcus Cicero, the pseudonym of an author who posts to a number of white supremacist sites, vented his anger in an article on Occidental Dissent, a racist and anti-Semitic blog run by Brad Griffin (aka Hunter Wallace). He implied that Jews were to blame for the verdict by using the term “goyim,” a Yiddish term used to describe non-Jews:

This is the America you now call home, Goyim.

You now inhabit a land in which a vibrant can sneak across the border half a dozen times, serve both federal and county jail sentences without being marked for deportation, steal a gun labeled federal property, murder a beautiful White girl, and eventually get away with everything due to weird legal technicalities and a jury composed of cucks, Leftists, and Colorful folk.

Erik Striker, who writes for the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer, also weighed in on the acquittal, turning much of his ire toward Jews. He wrote, “White people have a better shot at justice in a Tijuana court than in Jew-run, majority-minority California!”

Striker added, “What happened here is a jury composed of Jews, leftists and non-whites wanted to give Donald Trump – who they see as an avatar for white people – a big F.U. at a random white person’s expense.”