Fuentes Delivers Antisemitic, “Christian Nationalist” Rant to Fellow White Supremacists

Fuentes Delivers Antisemitic, “Christian Nationalist” Rant to Fellow White Supremacists

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As quickly as hotel security removed white supremacist Nick Fuentes from CPAC 2023, the Groyper found another receptive audience for his antisemitism and racism. The "Fuentes Rally" took place on March 4, 2023, at Marriott’s Residence Inn at the National Harbor in Maryland. Reporters were not allowed inside the event.

Although Fuentes and other Groypers bragged online that the event was at “venue capacity,” the hotel website indicates the capacity of their largest event room tops out at 100. Images and videos taken by reporters outside the event appear to show roughly 50 Groypers in attendance, including Tyler Russell, Dalton Clodfelter, Jon Miller, Ryan Sanchez and Matt Evans (aka Beardson Beardly).

Groypers believe they are fighting against demographic and cultural changes that are destroying the “true America”—a white, Christian nation. Fuentes’ hour-long speech stuck close to those themes, listing off societal “ills” that need to be "eradicated" from the United States (including transgenderism, echoing the anti-LGBTQ+ vitriol inside CPAC). Fuentes, who kicked off his rant by announcing, “I love you, and I love Hitler,” also targeted “Talmudic Jews,” a white supremacist and antisemitic term for Jewish people.

While insisting that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, Fuentes said “Talmudic Jews” need to either leave the county or be converted. Following the event, influential Groyper Clodfelter took to Telegram to praise for Fuentes’ speech: "Talmudic Judaism has entrenched itself in the highest echelons of power all over the world...Replacing what was once beautiful with something disgusting." 

Fuentes promoted Christian Nationalism and attacked the mainstream GOP, which he claims is not tackling the real problems facing the younger generation, unlike the Groyper/America First movement. "We are being held hostage as a country, and as a people, and as an entire generation,” he said, “by a small minority that doesn't even share our values."

Fuentes also reminded his audience that the Groyper/America First movement is made up of "Christian Futurists," and that America’s problems can be traced to the loss of Christian values. Fuentes argues that while going back to a Christian past is impossible, the Groypers can ensure a “Christ First” future. "We want this century to be the most Christian century in the history of human earth," he said.