Hate Crimes Rise to Highest Level in 12 Years; White Supremacist Praise of the Taliban Takeover Concerns US Officials

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September 02, 2021


The number of hate crimes in the United States rose to the highest level in 12 years, propelled by increasing assaults targeting Black and Asian victims, the FBI reported Monday. White supremacist and anti-government extremists have expressed admiration for the Taliban, a worrying development for US officials grappling with the threat of domestic violent extremism. More than 70 State Department officials sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State calling for the removal of “an openly antisemitic department employee who continues to have a home in our midst.”

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  1. Hate Crimes Rise to Highest Level in 12 Years  

    “In all, the federal agency tallied 7,759 hate crimes last year, a tumultuous 12 months marked by a global pandemic, a divisive presidential election and upheaval in the economy. The total represented an increase of six percent from 2019 and the most since 2008, when 7,783 hate crimes were reported.” The Washington Post: FULL STORY

    + READ: ADL Deeply Alarmed by 2020 FBI Hate Crimes Data; Reiterates Calls for Increased Reporting

    + WATCH: ADL’s David Goldenberg on FOX Chicago
  2. White Supremacist Praise of the Taliban Takeover Concerns US Officials

    “Neo-Nazi and violent accelerationists -- who hope to provoke what they see as an inevitable race war, which would lead to a Whites-only state -- in North America and Europe are praising the Taliban for its anti-Semitism, homophobia, and severe restrictions on women's freedom.” CNN: READ MORE

    + READ from ADL’s Center on Extremism: Afghan Refugees -- Right-Wing Extremists Decry Aid, Fret About Demographic “Replacement”

    + MORE: Amid Chaos, Islamist Extremists Celebrate Taliban’s Success in Afghanistan
  3. More Than 70 State Department Officials Sound Alarm Over Employment of “Antisemitic Blogger”

    “Fritz Berggren, a U.S. foreign service officer, maintains a website,, where he writes online posts and publishes video and audio files assailing Jews, the LGBTQ community, and calling for the creation of Christian nation-states.” Foreign Policy: LEARN MORE

    + ADL tweet: Deeply disturbing reports this individual is using an official post to try to legitimize his outrageous antisemitism & other bigotry. We expect the @StateDept to be doing its utmost to ensure he faces urgent and full consequences.





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