House cancels session, citing possible violence; FL raid nets ‘white supremacist’; Frontier Airlines accused of antisemitism

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March 05, 2021


U.S. House leaders canceled Thursday’s legislative session and rescheduled morning votes after police officials warned of a possible plot by a militia group to storm Capitol Hill. A suspect ADL identified as an alleged white supremacist was arrested after the FBI raided the Florida home he was renting after moving from New Jersey. Jewish groups called for an investigation into allegations that a Frontier Airlines flight crew made antisemitic remarks aimed at a group of Hasidic Jewish travelers.

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1) House Cancels Thursday Session After Security Agencies Cite Risk of New Violence

“Citing FBI reporting, the security bulletin says extremists discussed plans as of late February to take control of the Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers ‘on or about 4 March’ and ‘discussed aspirational plans to persuade thousands to travel to Washington, DC to participate.’ March 4 was the nation’s Inauguration Day until 1937.” The Wall Street Journal: FULL STORY

+ WATCH: Jonathan Greenblatt on CNN discussing the March 4th conspiracy theory

+ ADL Resource: Extremists Face Arrests, Uncertain Future Following January 6 Insurrection

2) ADL: FBI Arrested ‘White Supremacist’ During Fort Lauderdale Raid

“The arrest of Paul Nicholas Miller by FBI agents at his Fort Lauderdale home Tuesday morning on a pedestrian charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon seems a minor thing for the feds to make a point of announcing. Until, that is, it’s noted that the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was part of the arresting team, along with FBI agents and Fort Lauderdale police officers. Also, the ADL considers Paul Miller ‘a volatile white supremacist-accelerationist.’” Miami Herald: READ MORE

+ ADL Resource: White Supremacist, Tracked by COE, Arrested on Weapons Charges in Florida

+ ADL tweet: Several months ago, ADL’s Center on Extremism identified Paul Miller as a volatile white supremacist-accelerationist. COE tracked him to Fort Lauderdale and shared significant intelligence with federal law enforcement before today's arrest…

3) Frontier Airlines Accused of Antisemitism After Canceling Flight Over Mask Controversy

“Groups accused the crew of applauding, exchanging high-fives and congratulating one another as the passengers left the plane. OJPAC said an Orthodox Jewish person defended the couple, and their extended family – who were masked – began leaving the plane, ‘at which point Frontier ordered everyone off the plane.’” USA Today: LEARN MORE

+ ADL New York/New Jersey tweet: A visibly Jewish family was asked to leave a @FlyFrontier flight allegedly due to lack of mask compliance; while deplaning, apparent #antisemitic comments made by crew or others. @ADL formally calls for a full & transparent investigation…




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