Milo and Freedom Center Launch New Campaign Against Campuses

February 01, 2017

Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an ultra-conservative organization that claims to combat the efforts of the “radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values,” launched a new campaign against college campuses that offer protection to undocumented students.

Milo is expected to bring public attention to the campaign at an appearance at the University of California, Berkeley, on February 1st as part of his “Dangerous Faggot” tour—a series of speaking engagements at college campuses across the country. His tour has caused tremendous controversy on campuses as he often voices racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and trans-phobic views.

The campaign, which was initiated on January 30, calls for the federal government to stop giving federal grants to “sanctuary campuses” that refuse to report undocumented students to federal immigration authorities. The Freedom Center also calls for administrators of these campuses to be prosecuted.


Flier accusing University of California President Janet Napolitano of sedition

The term “sanctuary campus” is a nod to the term “sanctuary city,” a jurisdiction that limits its cooperation with federal authorities that want to detain undocumented immigrants.  A number of campuses, concerned about President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies, have designated their campuses as safe havens for students who are not in the U.S. legally.

As part of its campaign, the Freedom Center plans to use campus speeches and events, articles and pamphlets, and ads in campus papers to argue that the “sanctuary campuses” “are seditious and a threat to the security of Americans.”

They also plan to post fliers that depict caricatures of university officials such as Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California, and identify them as supporting sedition. Supporters of the Freedom Center have reportedly already posted fliers at UCLA and UC Berkeley.

In an article about the “sanctuary campuses” campaign on FrontPageMag, the opinion website operated by the Freedom Center, David Horowitz accused “left-wing administrations in major cities” of orchestrating the “sanctuary campus” movement to undermine the Patriot Act, immigration laws, and efforts to stop terrorist threats.

It is not completely surprising that Milo and the Freedom Center are working together since they both see campuses as being controlled and driven by the left, but targeting undocumented students on campus is a new tactic for both of them.

Their campaign to stop “sanctuary campuses” mirrors a similar effort by VDare, a racist and anti-immigrant site. A January 18 article on the site called for Harvard administrators to be arrested and prosecuted after these officials said that Harvard would protect undocumented students in light of anti-immigrant directives from the Trump administration.