Neo-Nazi Site Encouraging Supporters in Florida to Target Jewish and Black Institutions

October 19, 2017

Andrew Anglin, a neo-Nazi who runs The Daily Stormer website, is encouraging supporters who can’t get into Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida to target Jewish and black religious and cultural institutions.

In a piece posted to his website, Anglin encouraged his followers to go to Spencer’s speech dressed in regular clothes and to cover up any racist tattoos. He suggested that they not wear khakis and polo shirts, which is widely understood to be the new “uniform” of white supremacists on the alt right. 

For those who can’t get into the event, Anglin suggested taking part in “flash demos,” a new tactic that has emerged in the wake of Charlottesville, in which white supremacists show up unannounced at locations to avoid contact with law enforcement and counter-protestors. Richard Spencer employed this tactic on October 7, when he led a small group of white supremacists at a 15-miunte rally, complete with tiki torches and racist chants, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Preparing his supporters for events in Florida, Anglin also posted the addresses of the Chabad Jewish Center, the Institute of Black Culture, the Gainesville Sun and Starbucks (whose founder is Jewish), and suggested that people find additional locations, demonstrate there for ten minutes and then repeat the demonstration elsewhere.  He also encouraged people to use the chant “Jews will not replace us,” which became a rallying cry by white supremacists at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August.

The purpose of these tactics, Anglin wrote, is to create confusion and public attention to make the community think that “the entire city is taken over by our guys.”  

Anglin has a history of using trolling tactics to create tension in a community.  He targeted the Jewish community in Whitefish, Montana, earlier this year by saying he would hold a rally there with 200 armed  racist skinheads and a Hamas leader, but didn’t carry through with his plans.

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