Oregon Neo-Nazi Takes Anti-Semitic Message to the Highways

by: Jessica Reaves

September 07, 2016

Jimmy Marr, a well-known neo-Nazi activist in Oregon, has taken to the highways to promote his anti-Semitic, white supremacist agenda. On July 17, 2016, Marr posted photographs on VNN Forum, a prominent neo-Nazi/ white supremacist social media site, showing off a truck adorned signs reading “Jew Lies Matter” and “Truth Dispels Darkness,” accompanied by a swastika. Marr recently began pairing this message with a “Blue Lives Matter” sign, because, as he explained in an August 2016 VNN post: “the Blue Lives/Jew Lies signage works well for me because it aligns my position with cops who might otherwise be unamused by my activism.” In September, Marr re-painted the back of the truck to read: "Trump: Do the White Thing."



This provocative joyriding is just the latest episode in Marr’s long history of anti-Semitism and Neo-Nazi activism. Best known for sporting a kilt and playing bagpipes while leading racist and anti-Semitic protests around Oregon and the U.S., Marr has been an active Neo-Nazi since 2009.  He first made news when Oregon recalled his personal license plate, which read, “NO ZOG,” a reference to the “Zionist Occupied Government,” an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that claims the U.S. and other world governments are controlled by a Jewish/Israeli cabal.

Further notoriety came his way when he was a featured speaker at The Pacifica Forum, an independent group in Eugene formed by a retired professor at the University of Oregon (not affiliated with the university), which regularly  sponsored lectures by anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers.  In 2009, Marr gave a presentation to the group entitled “The National Socialist Movement: An Inside View of America’s Far-Right.”  During the meeting, according to a member of Eugene’s Anti-Hate Task Force, Marr expressed the view that white DNA is not being sufficiently protected. A year earlier, speaking at the same forum, Marr reportedly called Martin Luther King, Jr., a “moral leper and communist dupe,” and gave a Nazi salute.


In 2011 and 2012, Marr marched with the National Socialist Movement in Nevada and California, and in 2012, Marr posted the following on the anti-Semitic Zion Crime Factory website:  “I embarked on a regimen of one man street demonstrations last month in which I did street performances on the bagpipes while wearing a sign that read ‘Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.’” In 2013, he was one of several white supremacists who attempted to take control of the City of Leith, North Dakota, to create a home for whites. (Their doomed efforts were immortalized in the 2015 documentary film “Welcome to Leith”).

When Marr takes to the internet, his postings are, unsurprisingly, extremely anti-Semitic. In a 2012 Facebook post, he wrote:  “There once lived a people, far beyond hope whose daughters were whores.  Sons on dope with conscious decision, they watched Talmudvision, let their brains be washed with Jewish soap.”