Palestinian Violence Glorified, Israel Demonized as Wave of Terror Persists

The wave of Palestinian terrorism in October, including the murder of a soldier in a drive-by shooting in the West Bank and a shooting attack in East Jerusalem, which claimed the life of Israeli soldier Noa Lazar, has once again brought to the fore the demonization of Israel and the glorification of violence.

Notably, the current wave of violence saw the emergence of a Palestinian terrorist organization called The Lion’s Den, a relatively small group based in the West Bank city of Nablus, which is responsible for several recent attacks against Israel. Over the last month, the Israeli army killed a number of the group’s top members, while others turned themselves in to Palestinian Authority security forces. 

It is also worth noting that the current wave of terrorism coincided with the commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the Second Intifada on September 28. 

Inspired by the Lion’s Den terrorist activities, individuals and groups in the U.S. anti-Israel movement openly expressed support for violence, and in some cases, endorsed Palestinian terrorism against Israel. Some stated their support for “resistance by any means necessary,” while others urged people to “Never denounce Palestinian resistance,” even if “violence makes you uncomfortable.” Israel was demonized with accusations of “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “colonialism.” The slogan “Long Live the Intifada” was promoted by certain groups, and the members of the Lion’s Den group killed by Israeli forces were venerated as “martyrs” and “freedom fighters.”

Here are select examples from recent weeks:

Endorsement of armed struggle against Israel

Madison4Pali, an anti-Israel activist community group based in Madison, Wisconsin, urged supporters to “Never denounce Palestinian resistance,” even if “violence makes you uncomfortable.” [Instagram post]