State attorneys general say Facebook must better police online hate; White supremacist leader arrested in Texas; Coronavirus causes global rise in antisemitism

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August 07, 2020


Twenty state attorneys general called on Facebook to better prevent messages of hate, bias and disinformation from spreading, and said the company needed to provide more help to users facing online abuse. The leader of a white supremacist group was arrested in Weatherford, Texas on Saturday after police said he and two other men placed stickers on county property. And the global Jewish community continues to face rising antisemitism due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ADL says.

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1) Facebook Must Better Police Online Hate, State Attorneys General Say

“In a letter to the social media giant, the officials said they regularly encountered people facing online intimidation and harassment on Facebook. They outlined seven steps the company should take, including allowing third-party audits of hate content and offering real-time assistance to users.” The New York Times: READ MORE

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+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: “We applaud the 20 State AGs who signed this letter, calling on Facebook to #StopHateForProfit…”

2) Leader of White Supremacist Group, 2 Others Arrested in Texas

“The Parker County Sheriff’s Department arrested the three men on Saturday after watching them place stickers on two different signs on the Parker County Courthouse lawn… One of Patriot Front’s most common tactics is to distribute racist and anti-Semitic propaganda in various communities, the Anti-Defamation League reported.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram: FULL STORY

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+ White Supremacists Arrested in WeatherfordSpectrum News, TX

3) Antisemitism is ‘Front and Center’ in Reactions to Coronavirus Pandemic, ADL Says

During a recent webinar titled ‘Anti-Semitism: Combatting the Other Global Pandemic,’ hosted by the American Society of the University of Haifa, ADL Senior Vice President of International Affairs Dr. Sharon S. Nazarian said, ‘As a vulnerable minority Jews feel sensitive to the rise of conspiracy theories — particularly in non-democratic governments which use scapegoating of minorities, and especially Jews, to deflect from their own failures.’” Algemeiner: FULL STORY

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