WATCH: An LBGTQ activist’s daily fight to put an end to conversion therapy

June 25, 2018

Few practices hurt LGBTG youth more than attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity through conversion therapy, which has been proven to result in issues such as depression, substance abuse and even suicide. This Pride Month, the ADL sat down with LBGTQ rights activist, Mathew Shurka, to talk about his daily work to put an end to conversion therapy. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBTQ Pride Month) is celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City. In June of 1969, patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn staged an uprising to resist the police harassment and persecution to which LGBTQ Americans were commonly subjected. This uprising marked the beginning of a movement to outlaw discriminatory laws and practices against LGBTQ Americans. Today, LGBTQ Pride Month celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts, attracting millions of participants around the world. As with other similarly themed months, it is important not to isolate the exploration of LGBTQ people and culture into one month during the year – LGBTQ history is American history.