White Supremacist Group Marches Through Philadelphia Before Fourth of July Celebrations; Rabbi Stabbed Outside Shaloh House Jewish School in Brighton, MA

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July 09, 2021


Police say scores of members of a white supremacist group marched in Philadelphia over the weekend, clashing with pedestrians and setting off what were believed to be smoke bombs at one point. The group of 11 militiamen who ended up in an hours-long standoff with police in Massachusetts on Saturday morning espouses a conspiracy-based, anti-government agenda that combines sovereign-citizen beliefs with those of the Moorish Science Temple. A rabbi is recovering after he was stabbed eight times outside a Jewish school in Brighton last week in what prosecutors are calling a hate crime.

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  1. White Supremacist Group Marches Through Philadelphia Before Fourth of July Celebrations

    “The group of Patriot Front members, estimated at 150 to 200 people, marched for several blocks in Center City on Saturday evening wearing tan pants and black shirts with face coverings and carrying shields and flags. Police said they were chanting slogans such as 'Reclaim America' and 'The election was stolen.'” ABC Philadelphia:

    + ADL Resource: Who is Patriot Front?

    + WATCH: ADL Philadelphia’s Shira Goodman on CBS Philadelphia
  2. Hours-long Standoff Between Police, Heavily Armed Men in Massachusetts Ends with 11 Arrests

    “The group, self-identified as the Rise of the Moors, live-streamed its standoff on Saturday on its YouTube page, in which its leader, identified on the group’s website as Jamhal Talib Abdullah Beym, said the group is ‘not anti-government’ and was being ‘extra careful’ not to violate the federal laws of the United States.” Boston Herald:

    + ADL Resource: The Washitaw Nation and Moorish Sovereign Citizens

    + LISTEN: ADL Senior Research Fellow Mark Pitcavage on NPR Boston
  3. Rabbi Stabbed Outside Shaloh House Jewish School in Brighton, MA

    “Awad, 24, of Brighton, was arrested shortly after the attack outside the Shaloh House on Chestnut Hill Avenue. Boston Police said he was armed with a knife and gun. He’s charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer. He was arraigned in Brighton District Court.” CBS Boston:

    + ADL New England tweet: “We welcome today's filing of hate crime charges in the vicious attack against Rabbi Noginski. They are a stark reminder that #antisemitism continues to fuel violence against the Jewish community.”

    + Boston Jews rally together after streak of attacks in the area (JTA)




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