White Supremacists Feud Over the Racist Gender Gap

by: Oren Segal

April 26, 2016

There is fighting and acrimony between supporters of the two most visible websites in the white supremacist movement—Stormfront and The Daily Stormer—over the role of white women. Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi who runs The Daily Stormer, has infuriated many white supremacist women by posting articles on his site that attack white women. When a fan of Anglin’s recently asked on Stormfront why that website seemed to be deleting posts referencing Daily Stormer articles, his question elicited a flood of responses and highlighted the love/hate relationship that some male white supremacists have with their female counterparts.

Anglin column on feminsim and third worldization

While most of the women who post on Stormfront advocate for traditional roles for women, which is the dominant white supremacist position, they are nevertheless angry that Anglin actively attacks and belittles white women—whereas many other male white supremacists put white women on a pedestal as future saviors of the white race.

Anglin angers such women because he  not only attacks what he sees as “deviant” white women, but also posts articles depicting them in provocative sexual poses and having relations with non-white men.  In an April 2015 article, Anglin posted a video that showed white women on spring break making out with non-white men and wrote that the video proved “that your worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females.”  He added that women “should be thankful they don’t literally get locked in cages.” In addition, Anglin often refers to women as bitches and sluts and blames them for a variety of issues affecting white society.  From his many posts on the subject, it is clear that Anglin is every bit as misogynistic as he is racist and anti-Semitic, expressing a deep contempt for women, even the movement’s precious white women, at every turn.

The response to Anglin from women on Stormfront has been very vocal. In one thread, a woman using the screen name “Mirror Eyes” wrote that “all those anti-women types are the same. They share the white nationalist views in the fact that they claim to be traditionalists (yet have nothing but derogatory things to say about females…).” Stormfronter “Pinkysmom” added, “If people want to post Anglin's emotional/butthurt/impotent rage against white women, fine. But I will continue to post my views of his posts and I will make SF policy visible to all who care to read it.” In fact, Stormfront has rules that bar people from posting derogatory comments about women.

Some male Stormfront members have come out in support of Anglin’s misogyny, even wholeheartedly praising him.  Male Stormfronter “Piltene” wrote, “I love Andrew Anglin. His opinions are pretty much right on the women… Feminism is a a cancer on the White race.”

Others, such as “Laidbackguy,” expressed support of women. He commented, “I don't judge a person on gender. You are either pro white or anti- white to me.” Another male Stormfronter, “TSFH14,” wrote that “as long as [Anglin] continues to write venomous attacks against our sisters, he is my enemy.” Many people were also furious that Anglin himself has self-admittedly had sex with non-white women in the past and accused him of being a traitor and a hypocrite.

Anglin has gone beyond merely speaking out against women.  Saying that the purpose of The Daily Stormer is to educate men about the white nationalist movement, Anglin has actually banned women from producing content for his site. He also posted a manifesto of sorts presenting his views about limiting women’s involvement and input into the movement. According to Anglin, his reason for doing so is that women are naturally amoral and emotional and are incapable of feeling empathy because they can switch it on and off, depending on their needs. Anglin argues that women should not be allowed to vote and should be barred from male occupations and that women’s role should only be to support men. He also alleges that allowing equality between the sexes leads to the feminization of men.

It is apparent that Anglin’s views are influenced by the “manopshere,” a loose association of misogynistic men’s rights groups that rail against women and feminism. Not surprisingly, Anglin adds an anti-Semitic twist, blaming Jews for promoting feminism, declaring that it is “a mechanism of Judaism.”