White Supremacists launch racist poster campaign

January 31, 2017


White supremacists Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer have both recently claimed President Donald Trump as part of the so-called “alt-right” – evidenced, they argue, by his “pro-white” executive orders on immigration and refugees.

Trump’s election has certainly inspired a feeling of empowerment and pride among white supremacists, including Spencer and Taylor.

And while Spencer spent the week following Trump’s inauguration eliciting disquiet in his new neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, Taylor launched a campaign to plaster university campuses with racist posters. This echoes a
similar ploy undertaken by the alt-right and other white supremacists in the latter part of 2016.



On January 25, 2017, Taylor wrote on his white supremacist website, American Renaissance: “It is widely understood that the election of Donald Trump is a sign of rising white consciousness….Now is the time to press our advantage in every way possible.”

In order to do that, Taylor writes, “racial activists” should use “attractive posters placed in high-traffic areas.”  The posters were designed by a “supporter” of American Renaissance’s cause. Taylor notes that college campuses are of special interest “because they are bastions of anti-white propaganda."


The post continues with instructions for optimal printing and display of the fliers, as well as a video explaining “poster tactics.” At least one of these “attractive posters,” bears more than a passing resemblance to Soviet propaganda, and another can be seen as a subtle nod to a swastika — but hey, at least the typeface looks good.