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Global Antisemitism: Select Incidents in 2020

Jewish Graves Desecrated


  • Russia
    • A cross was painted and yellow paint poured on a monument for Holocaust victims in Aksay. 
  • Sweden
    • Chants about killing Jews were heard at a protest in Malmo. 
  • UK
    • London mayoral candidate Geeta Sidhu-Robb was suspended by her party for using “Don’t vote for a Jew" campaign rhetoric. 
  • Ukraine 
    • A visibly Jewish man was assaulted in a supermarket in Uman.
    • Two different Holocaust monuments were vandalized with swastikas.


  • Argentina
    • Posters were hung scapegoating Jews as a global cabal behind COVID-19.
  • Austria 
    • The president of the Graz Jewish community in Austria was attacked with a wooden club.
  • France
    • Antisemitic graffiti reading "Heil Hitler" and "Juden" was painted on a Jewish home in Lyon.
    • A Jewish male was called a "dirty Jew" and beaten unconscious in a Paris elevator.


  • Chile 
    • The mayor of the city of Recoleta employed an antisemitic canard by claiming Zionists control the media.
  • France 
    • The leader of left-wing France Unbowed party used an age-old antisemitic trope accusing Jews of killing Jesus.
  • Germany
    • Graves and tombstones at a Jewish cemetery in Worms were desecrated. 
  • Malaysia 
    • Former Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad continued his history of antisemitism by proclaiming that "the Jews... own all the newspapers in America." 
  • Poland
    • On numerous occasions during Poland's presidential campaign, Poland's State TV asserted that Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, a candidate, would take money from Poles and give it to Jews. 


  • France
    • French white supremacists of "Generation Identitaire" chanted "Dirty Jews" during an anti-racism demonstration in Paris.
  • Poland
    • A Polish journalist who previously derided Jews and activists fighting antisemitism on his public broadcast TV show published a book in which he refers to "the myth of the Holocaust, which [Zionism] built itself."
  • United Kingdom
    • A visibly Jewish man was stabbed in London in an apparent antisemitic attack.


  • Australia
    • A golf course in Melbourne owned by a Jewish family was spray-painted with swastikas.
  • Finland
    • A Jewish cemetery in the city of Hamina was vandalized.
  • Germany
    • A chalk drawn on a street in Duesseldorf equated the Star of David with COVID-19.  
  • Netherlands
    • A kosher restaurant in Amsterdam was repeatedly vandalized.
  • United Kingdom
    • A bomb threat was posted on Facebook against a national Jewish organization.


  • Canada
    • There was a spate of antisemitic graffiti in Toronto over Passover holiday.
  • Poland
    • An individual smashed a window of a building in city of Wroclaw that houses the offices of a Jewish community group.
  • Russia
    • The Arkhangelsk Jewish community center was set ablaze in an arson attack.
  • Ukraine
    • The Jewish community center in the city of Kherson was firebombed. 


  • Austria
    • A 16 year-old boy was severely beaten in the city of Graz by two teenagers who saw him wearing a Star of David and asked if he was Jewish.
  • Brazil
    • A 57 year-old man wearing a kippah had his teeth broken and antisemitic slurs hurled at him by three attackers.
  • Hungary
    • A Jewish cemetery in the city of Kiskunfélegyháza was vandalized. 


  • France
    • A visibly Jewish man was harassed by four individuals on the Paris metro. Passengers intervened to end the assault. 
  • Italy
    • Swastikas were discovered in the town of San Daniele del Friuli at the entrance of a home belonging to a Jewish family that had been deported during the Holocaust. 
  • Sweden
    • A bag emblazoned with a Star of David containing soap and antisemitic literature was left outside an exhibition about the Holocaust in the city of Norrköping.


  • Canada
    • An elderly man in a care facility in Toronto had a swastika drawn on his head.
  • Finland
    • The Turku synagogue was vandalized with graffiti.
  • France - 
    • A dozen graves at a Jewish cemetery in the area of Bayonne and Biarritz were desecrated.
  • Greece
    • A monument to Holocaust victims in the city of Trikala was vandalised.
  • New Zealand 
    • A synagogue in Wellington was defaced with numerous bright yellow swastikas.
  • United Kingdom
    • A 13-year-old Jewish boy was punched in the stomach and subjected to anti-Semitic abuse on a city bus.

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