Response To Common Inaccuracy: Israel is "Pinkwashing"

Inaccuracy: Israel is attempting to “pinkwash” its persecution of the Palestinians by purposefully diverting attention to the alleged freedoms enjoyed by the LGBT community in Israel.


Israel is right to be proud of its record of freedoms and protections for LGBTs. Israel is unique in the Middle East for its tolerance, legal protections and equality enjoyed by the LGBT community. This reality does not diminish, ignore or “pinkwash” the Israel-Palestinian conflict, nor does it negate the homophobic attitudes present in some segments of Israeli society, particularly in the ultra-orthodox sector of Israeli society.

Those anti-Israel activists within the LGBT community who accuse Israel of “pinkwashing” willfully ignore the facts of Israel’s vibrant democracy in order to justify and promote their attacks against Israel. It is apparent, that many who charge Israel with “pinkwashing” refuse to recognize any positive attributes in the State of Israel, while, at the same time, refuse to condemn negative, violent and homophobic elements in Palestinian society or elsewhere in the region.