Response To Common Inaccuracy: Palestinian Terrorism

Inaccuracy: The Palestinian use of terrorism is a legitimate tool in the Palestinian national struggle for liberation.


Terrorism - the premeditated use of violence deliberately directed against random civilians, with the aim of killing as many as possible and sowing psychological fear and despair – can never be justified nor legitimized.

As many Palestinian leaders, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, have publicly acknowledged, violence and terrorism do nothing to hasten the realization of Palestinian nationalist aspirations.

Terror attacks have brought fear to everyday life for Israelis, who live with the understanding that a suicide terrorist attack can happen anywhere to anybody – to children on the way to school on a city bus, to teens gathering at a nightclub or shopping mall, or to people socializing at a cafe. Following such attacks, grief and fear are often joined by anger towards the terrorists and the Palestinians who condone, celebrate or incite terrorism. Terrorism serves to reinforce the belief among many Israelis that the Palestinian people do not seek peaceful reconciliation.

Direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are the way to properly address the genuine frustration among Palestinians and offer the only way to achieve a more stable and secure future for all Israelis and Palestinians. However, the willingness of the Israeli public to accept substantial concessions depends on their belief that the Palestinians are truly interested in peace and reconciliation, are capable of carrying out agreements, and have resolutely rejected terrorism and violence.

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