Response To Common Inaccuracy: Palestinian Unilateral Statehood

Inaccuracy:  Peace process negotiations have not brought Palestinians an independent state.  For Palestinians to get their own state, they must take matters into their own hands and unilaterally seek recognition of its independence and statehood.


Direct, bilateral talks are the only means for the realization of a two-state solution. Unilateral declarations and efforts represent a Palestinian rejection of direct negotiations with the State of Israel, and will not bring about a resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict nor satisfy Palestinian nationalist aspirations.

It is only through direct negotiations will a Palestinian state be established that not only will have agreed-to borders and security provisions, but also have mutually agreed to provisions in place for water, electricity, roads and telecommunications which are all currently managed in Israel.

While unilateral declarations and ad-hoc recognition of independence by international bodies may score public relations points for the Palestinians, in the end, such initiatives will bring no constructive benefit to the lives of Palestinians or to their nationalist goals.

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