Response To Common Inaccuracy: US-Israel Relationship is Harmful

Inaccuracy: The U.S. relationship with Israel threatens our national interests as it alienates important Arab allies the U.S. needs for access to oil and for support against Middle East-based extremist groups and other strategic goals.


U.S.-Israel relations do not jeopardize relations with others in the region. The U.S. enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with its Arab and other Middle Eastern allies, who have overriding national interests in maintaining their close relations with the U.S. They are important strategic partners, and the U.S. provides them with military and political support, which is particularly crucial as many of these regimes confront extremist forces such as ISIS and Shia-supported militants. While some regimes in the Middle East may disapprove of the strong U.S.-Israel relationship, it does not override their own partnership with, and reliance on, the U.S.

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