Lesson Plan

Digital Curation Project

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Civics Lesson

GRADE LEVEL: High School

How Has the Media Responded to My Social Justice Issue?

Our current world offers a seemingly endless stream of media, from news stories to blog posts, Instagram feeds to social media memes, and more. Some media from news sites is fact-based straight reporting or opinion pieces advocating a particular point of view. Other pieces are thought provoking nonfiction informing us about our own communities, or places on the other side of the world. In many cases, visual images convey the story or offer different perspective(s).

About the Lesson Plan

This lesson has students curate a digital storyboard relating to a social justice issue they have already studied or are interested in. Students will select from a variety of media sources that have covered their issue, and address how that issue has been covered, including how perspective and bias are seen in various sources on the selected issue.




  • Identify a social justice issue and decide how to position it.
  • Apply visual and media literacy skills to select digital assets that support their social justice issue.
  • Curate a digital collection that conveys their framing for their social justice issue.