Lesson Plan

Government 101: What is a Government?

Close up angled view of the U.S. Supreme Court

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Civics Lesson

GRADE LEVEL: High School

What is a Government?

What are Different Forms of Government?

What is My Relationship to Government?


Governments, and the act of governing, have been part of human society for thousands of years. Governments have shifted and changed in the way they represent, operate and control, but one thing remains the same: they are created to organize groups of people and provide structure and accountability. Understanding the concept of government is vital for understanding how the world functions. 

About the Lesson Plan

Students will collaborate in small groups to create a silent scene that depicts one form of government. They will need to use their prior knowledge, creativity and imagination to help their classmates understand multiple forms of government.


  • D2.Civ.5.2-5
  • D2.Civ.5.9-12


  • Describe government.
  • Explain different forms of government.
  • Explain their relationship to government.