Lesson Plan

Tweens, Digital Spaces and Cyberbullying

Illustration of a laptop with icons symbolic of bullying in front of a male sitting on the floor

GRADE LEVEL: Elementary, Middle School

COMMON CORE STANDARDS: Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language

SEL STANDARDS*: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making

Survey about Tweens and Cyberbullying

In 2020, Cartoon Network and the Cyberbullying Research Center teamed up to conduct a survey about tweens (ages 9-12) and cyberbullying.  To date, most of the research on cyberbullying has focused on teenagers ages 13 and up. That is the reason why Cartoon Network and the Cyberbullying Research Center sought to collect data on pre-teenagers (or “tweens”), who are increasingly getting and using smartphones, digital devices, social media and gaming apps. The survey results indicate that nine out of ten tweens use social media and gaming apps and that one in seven tweens have been the target of cyberbullying. On a positive note, two-thirds of tweens who have seen cyberbullying said that they’ve tried to help in those situations.

About the Lesson Plan

This lesson provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences with cyberbullying, learn from the 2020 research study, explore the different roles one can play in bullying/cyberbullying situations and consider how to act as an ally.    

Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will reflect on their own experiences with social media, gaming and cyberbullying.  

  • Students will examine what they learn from the survey from Cartoon Network and the Cyberbullying Research Center.  

  • Students will explore the different roles we play when experiencing or witnessing cyberbullying. 

  • Students will consider actions they can take to act as an ally when they see cyberbullying. 

* Based on CASEL's SEL Framework