ADL Condolence Letter to French President Francois Hollande

November 16, 2015

His Excellency François Hollande
President of the French Republic

Dear Mr. President,

Please accept our deepest condolences on the horrific attacks of November 13, which we express to you and through you to the entire French people.

France's leading role in promulgating the Enlightenment principles of religious tolerance and individual liberty, from Les Philosophes des Lumières through today's Republic and its citizens, has made it a target for Islamic extremists , whose ideology represents the polar opposite of French values.  

When I visited Paris just two weeks ago, I witnessed the commitment of French political and civil society leaders to address the threat of radical Islamic extremism and to prevail in this struggle.   As an American Jewish organization, committed to promoting religious freedom and civil rights, and to combating extremism, please be assured of our full support for your government and for all of France in this battle for the values that unite us.


Jonathan Greenblatt
National Director