ADL Letter to Iceland Web Hosting Service "1984" Regarding the Mapping Project

June 18, 2022

In an email correspondence to "1984.is", a web hosting service based in Iceland, ADL urged the company to remove the antisemitic "Mapping Project" immediately.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on an urgent basis from the Anti-Defamation League, a US nongovernmental organization.  
A website, https://mapliberation.org/, has apparently relocated to your hosting service after being removed from its previous hosts for doxing.  Specifically, the site doxes the Boston MA, USA's -area Jewish community by mapping addresses and calling for these individuals and institutions to be "dismantled" and "disrupted."  
In our opinion, the site serves as a Jewish community hit list.  By both calling for the “dismantling” of Jewish institutions, including a high school and an arts group, simultaneously posting their addresses and contact information, the site serves as a possible call to action against dozens of institutions and individuals.  
As both threatening to, and doxing of, the Boston Jewish community, this site violates your contract with websites and your commitment to ethical hosting and must be removed immediately. 
We call on you to immediately enforce your terms of service before a tragedy inspired by the call to action on this website takes place. 
Steven C. Sheinberg
Anti-Defamation League
Chief of Staff & Chief Legal Officer