Letter to Alberto Nisman, Chief Prosecutor of the AMIA Investigation

June 19, 2014

Mr. Alberto Nisman
Chief Prosecutor
AMIA Investigation Unit
Hipólito Yrigoyen 460, Piso 7
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Dear Prosecutor Nisman:

We commend the work you have been doing to investigate the terrorist bombing of the AMIA/DAIA building and bring the perpetrators of this heinous attack to justice.

The recent decision of the Federal Court to declare unconstitutional the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Argentina and the Islamic Republic of Iran, to create a Truth Commission, is a step in the right direction to stop Iran’s ongoing attempts to deny its culpability and circumvent the Argentine judicial system.

If there is an appeal to the Federal Court decision, we hope justice will continue to prevail.

The tragedy of the AMIA/DAIA bombing and the painful long time it is taking to hold the perpetrators accountable under Argentinean law are important to us. The Anti-Defamation League remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving the memory of the victims and until justice is served, we will continue to raise this issue at the highest levels in our meetings with international leaders. As the 20th anniversary nears, we again join with survivors and the families of the victims in the hope they will soon see the day when there is a degree of closure for the suffering they have endured.

Abraham H. Foxman
National Director