Letter to Her Excellency President Michelle Bachelet

August 05, 2014

Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet
President of the Republic of Chile
Palacion de la Moneda
Morandé 130

Dear Madame President:

We are deeply troubled by the actions and decisions of your government, in coordination with others in the region, issuing harsh one-sided statements toward Israel and recalling Chile’s Ambassador in Tel Aviv for consultation.

Chile’s public statements and actions have put the onus for this conflict solely on Israel, despite the  indisputable evidence that Hamas is indiscriminately targeting Israeli civilians with a relentless barrage of rockets and missiles, has built scores of tunnels with the intention of conducting terrorist attacks and kidnappings of Israeli civilians and soldiers, and  the well-documented cruel indifference of Hamas to the lives and safety of its own people in Gaza through the situating of rockets, weapons depots and terrorist operations inside mosques, schools, hospital and other medical clinics. There is no more compelling evidence of the moral bankruptcy and depravity of Hamas than its willingness to violate a humanitarian ceasefire which would have benefitted the people of Gaza by carrying out a suicide attack on Israeli soldiers and kidnapping one of them.

Inexplicably, nowhere in Chile’s statements is there a recognition of Israel’s responsibility to protect its citizens - the majority of which live under the threat of Hamas rocket and tunnel attack. 

Respectfully, we urge you to return your Ambassador to Israel, and help to ensure Hamas will cease firing on Israel, give up its weapons and abandon its goal of seeking the elimination of Israel. By doing so, Chile can play a constructive role in bringing an end to the suffering of the people of Gaza and the Israeli people.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director