Letter to His Excellency President Rafael Correa

August 25, 2014

His Excellency Rafael Correa
President of the Republic of Ecuador
García Moreno N10-43 entre Chile y Espejo
170401 / Quito - Ecuador 

Dear Mr. President:

We are deeply troubled by the Foreign Ministry’s harsh and one-sided statements toward Israel and your government’s decision to recall Ecuador’s Ambassador in Tel Aviv for consultation. There is indisputable evidence that Hamas indiscriminately targets Israeli civilians with its relentless barrage of rockets and missiles and the cruel indifference of Hamas to the lives and safety of its own people in Gaza is well-documented.

Israel has acted to fulfill its duty and responsibility to protect millions of its citizens living in Israel who have been terrorized by Hamas’ ongoing attacks.  At the same time, the Israel Defense Forces have adhered to the highest international standards of military operational procedures and ethics in carrying out their mission in Gaza.

Moreover, we note that your government has failed to speak out against Hamas’ goal of eliminating the state of Israel, to condemn its indiscriminate acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians and the horrific suffering Hamas cause to its own people by its tactics of drawing fire to densely populated areas.

The statements made and actions taken by Ecuador are contrary to the standards of decency and respect for which Ecuador is well known and create the appearance that your government condones the unspeakable terror Hamas has wreaked on Israel and the tragedy it has imposed on the innocent among its own people. This impression will only encourage Hamas to continue on its destructive path.

Respectfully, we urge you to return your Ambassador to Israel, condemn Hamas and help to ensure that it will not be able to continue firing on Israel, give up its weapons and abandon its goal of seeking the elimination of Israel. By doing so, Ecuador can play a constructive role in bringing an end to the suffering of the people of Gaza and the Israeli people. 


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director